ZGF Gaming

As things are finally beginning to take flight with our ZGF Gaming service, we felt it best to post an announcement!

First things first: What is ZGF Gaming?

ZGF Gaming is our game server collection. In other words, we create, manage, and provide servers for various games via ZGF Gaming. These games have included Minecraft, Starbound, and 7 Days to Die. Also provided through ZGF Gaming is a TeamSpeak 3 server available for use as desired.

Where to get in on the action

To join us and take advantage of our services from ZGF Gaming, you need to simply visit the website and follow the instructions found for your game. A link is available here or above on our menu bar. As of this post, we currently only offer a Minecraft server and the TeamSpeak 3 server. We have a 7 Days to Die server though it is currently down and being worked on. Information to come later.

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