Zim’s Gizmos is a budding non-profit organization with the intent of helping those trying to enter the gaming industry as a career to get started. The goal of this organization is to place the tools and knowledge within reach of those that could not get them on their own (at least, not legally). I do not support piracy, and at the same time, I believe certain support should be given to those, mainly students, that can not afford to get the tools to simply learn what they desire to and then implement and publish them in a way they wish. Zim’s Gizmos focuses on furry gaming aspects, helping aspiring game developers to achieve their dreams and learn the craft when they do not have the financial ability to do so on their own. Our main focus is on the creation and spread of furry-based games. Games to allow for more interaction between us furries and our human counterparts, that is the focus aside from the goal.

We are currently working together with ideas and creativity to put together a MMORPG game which we have tentatively dubbed Gizmos. Most collaborations are little more than a company doing all the work, with a few user comments being taken here and there. That is not what this site is for. It is my wish for several people to debate something until it is refined enough for it to be called done. I want this to be a new dawn to the art of collaboration where everyone’s input is equally respected and debated over.

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