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Zim’s Gizmos Minecraft Mods

Zim’s Gizmos is preparing some mods for the popular game, Minecraft, more information will come soon.

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ZGF Gaming

As things are finally beginning to take flight with our ZGF Gaming service, we felt it best to post an announcement! First things first: What is ZGF Gaming? ZGF Gaming is our game server collection. In other words, we create, … Continue reading

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Updates – End of 2013

With 2014 just around the corner, we wanted to post an update on some of the things we have been working on behind the scenes over the last few months. First and foremost, we would like to extend a welcome … Continue reading

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Improvements Incoming

With the Zim’s Gizmos network expanding and our services multiplying. We are in need of updates to the site. Hence we are working to do just that! We will have a new setup at some point in the near future … Continue reading

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Zim’s Gizmos is now hosting a Minecraft Feed the Beast dedicated server! Feel free to join us, invite your friends, and have fun! You can find out more information by going to the page for this here.

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Little Star

The Little Star RP has become a functioning sim on Second Life and we, as Zim Designs, were happy to help bring their information site,, to the web along with host their forums,! For those on Second Life, … Continue reading

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Second Life Addition!

Zim’s Gizmos is now teaming with Little Paws Kreations and the Little Star RP Sim to bring new websites and products to the Internet! We hope you enjoy these new additions as Zim’s Gizmos brings more services and more enjoyment … Continue reading

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Zim’s Gizmos – Web Design and Hosting!

Hello out there Interwebz! I am here to introduce the dawn of a new age of Web Design! That done by a sleep-deprived Zim! Though truly, we are bringing websites to life! We currently have four projects the staff here … Continue reading

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Gizmos Music!

Its been a while since anything was posted here, so here’s an update! The Gizmos has its first track of music! This dark music will be found deep in a dark dungeon, its eerie feeling just screams for the game. … Continue reading

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GWC’s Explained

This comes from our Wiki on the Jargon page! We use a lot of terms that are not exactly normal for others and thus they need to be defined! As I have done with the GWC’s, known most commonly as … Continue reading

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