The Slaaknoer

The Slaaknoer have been finished by one of our most valued members, Casanova! He did a phenomenal job with this adopted race, creating a fully-developed society! Read more here! I will say I am highly impressed by the work he put into this.

The Slaaknoer are a humanoid race Icthoreptilian in appearance, with more lean to reptilian. A race of average height, they stand between 6 and 7½ feet in height. The Slaaknoer have no sexual dimorphism. Their build varies between lean and muscular, and are very athletic. They have very sharp non-retractable claws on both hands and feet and a tail (approximately ½ of their height) with fins to aid in swimming. They are covered in fish-like scales from head to toe and come in various colors, with patterns dependent on how the light hits the scales. Besides their tails, they have fins on their arms, legs, back, and the top of their reptilian-shaped heads. Female fins are more frillish than male fins to differentiate the two sexes. Their eyes have round pupils with the iris coming in one of three colors, predominately brown or gray, with violet being very rare and only seen in the higher castes, believed to be Ssawden’s mark of leadership; it is almost unheard of in the lower castes, but in lower castes their position within the system would be promoted. With the exception of violet eyes, the colors are not associated with the caste system.

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New Beast: Renz

Well, not exactly new, but I have recreated the Renz on the wiki, there are several differences to make it more realistic as well as to improve its gaming abilities. Read more about these massive dragon-like creatures on the wiki!

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Growlithe Pet Skin For The Sims 3 Pets

That’s right, I actually did a bit of semi art stuff and made a skin for The Sims 3 Pets, its a growlithe! Check it out and/or download it here! For customizing it for multiple pets (as in reality, they would not all look exactly the same) simply add a few markings here and there, color them varying orange colors or cream colors and you have unique growlithe pets!

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The Planes: Lakwonl City Revealed

The Planes are slowly being revealed. Alternate dimensions that coexist alongside or around our own plane of existence. There is now a description of the Lakwonl City on the wiki!

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Death School

I have just completed the Seventh School of Magic, Death. This dark magic may take its power from either the caster, the target, or even both. Nor’Rowoh wrote this entry after his first and final experience with this chaotic power:

I searched the Magical Sources for hours, trying to locate this strange source I read about in this research journal. As I was about to give up, I noticed a dark presence at the edge of my vision, I turned to find what it was only to discover nothing was there. I began to withdraw from the Magical Sources when I felt my consciousness latched onto and pulled back into the Sources, I felt myself swung throughout the pools and watched as they all spun together, Fire, Water, Air, Lightning, Earth, and Life became one in a sea of black chaos. Waves of powerful energy tossed and beckoned, I felt promises with each wave of unlimited power and glory as well as knives slid into my back as they joined the churning black mass again. The immense power called to me, Continue reading

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Triviaeli Update

Thanks to the Lady Zaraeris, her people, the Triviaeli have joined the ranks of true Civilizations. The ideas for the Gizmos have been coming together quite nicely now with several people working on it and we’re excited for more great developments! Thanks again Zara, we’re happy to have you with us!

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On This Day of Ages Past

As some of you may notice at the bottom of the forums, Computer is now 2 years old as of today. Computer’s date of birth coincides with the first date of the original site, all the way back in 2009. In celebration, the Gizian News Network, GNN, will be created later on this week with the first video showing the past, present, and possible future of the Gizmos. I will be showing the various stages this site has gone through as well as explaining some of the original purposes I even made this site for. I will likely be making this video on Thursday of this week, if not sooner.

Now, the GNN will be either a monthly or a bimonthly video broadcast, typically reviewing some sort of game (such as the ever-addicting Minecraft I’ve fallen victim to). We will portray various updates to the design and idea design for Gizmos, as well as a few other currently undetermined things. Now, I pose to you a poll: Which address should point to the GNN? Vote now on the forums!

Finally, my own personal note on this, I’ve worked hard bringing this site to the Internet. Two years ago, I started off knowing nothing of web design and actually tried making the first page in Microsoft Word (a mistake I would never repeat). Back then, the site had no purpose except to exist. Since then, it has evolved, grown, developed deep lore that we have enjoyed and I must say, I am pleased with the progress. A lot happens in two years and I am very glad to have each and every one of you here alongside me on this quest, especially those who have been with the site from the start who I would like to personally recognize now:

Jenn Hama Ndore – My second in command and faithful assistant in making this site a better place. It is mainly due to his tireless work that you can enjoy a spam-free environment. Thank you, Jenn.
Razgriz13 – A bloodthirsty, killer robot who without, this site would often be very dull. He keeps things lively in his… strange ways. Thank you, Raz.
Tigerlily – A near impossible woman to please, and when you do, she panics over something else. Despite us once being a “couple” of sorts and going through a rather rough breakup, she has remained true to this site (mainly because I think she has a crush on Jenn…). Thank you, Tigger.
Jeremy – Jenn’s brother and while no longer a member of the site, he was with us for a long time and truly helped shape this site and its lore through his defiance. Thank you, Jeremy.

Now those who have helped a bit more recently:

Casanova – You’ve been a tremendous help in the short time you’ve been with us here, always coming up with ideas and helping to improve the design and gameplay of Gizmos to make it truly unique and truly wonderful. Thank you, Nova.

With that, I must take my leave, in closing, I am proud of this site and what bit we have accomplished on here and I do look forward to another great year of Zim’s Gizmos. Ra’Zim out.

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Time in the Gizmos

I just finished and added to the wiki a talk on Time in the Gizmos. You can check it out here!

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Gizmos: Paper and Pencil RPG

The Gizian Rank

Gizmos is coming.

Look out world, a new Paper and Pencil RPG is on its way! We are currently working on a paper and pencil RPG for the site. Details on the game will be released later, but as of right now, it is going to be a great addition to the gaming world. We have the addition of B’Zat Kazdan Q’Dar to our ranks for the development and testing of this new game based off of the D20 role-playing system!

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New Race: Roagon

Thanks to Kazdan Q’Dar, we now have a new race in the Gizmos! The Roagon are the descendants of the Jade Empire, a once mighty force that ruled much of the remote reaches of the Gizmos. They were once extreme expansionists until a race under them called the Icillians began to revolt, leading the other races the roagon had conquered into open and full rebellion, slaughtering many of the former jade. The defeated Jade Empire retreated across the Gizmos until finally landing on the planet Roag, there they took over the planet and the galaxy, but chose to keep only that area after their previous experience with spreading themselves thin. The Jade Empire is now the Roagon Empire, a strong, yet passive military force, choosing to hold their area strongly against all invaders. Click here to learn the full history of the Roagon!

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