Welcome Aboard!

Welcome aboard the Z.G.F. Soanth, recruit. Here you have stumbled upon Zim’s Gizmos, a non-profit organization devoted to gaming and game development. If you are joining us for the first time or have been around for a while, we welcome you and encourage you to peruse our site more and either get on board or spread the word.

Here at Zim’s Gizmos, we strive to offer a variety of services to give those with us a bit of everything they could want. The first place we would recommend checking out is our ZGF Gaming site. On this page you will find access to any game servers we are running. These game servers are open to most people joining and only require an application to be filled out so we can approve you and give you full access. Some servers, like in the case of our Minecraft server, are run as a “gray listed” server, where newcomers are able to access the server and wander around but are unable to impact the world at all. This is not the case for all game servers.

Next we point your attention to our current game development projects, while we do not have a website dedicated to them as of yet, we are working towards bringing you one. Once websites are up for us and those teams working under the Zim’s Gizmos name we will be sure to post links here! Make sure to support them!

Soon we will have a new forum up and running for Zim’s Gizmos as a whole, you will be able to discuss any and all services available from Zim’s Gizmos on this forum. When it is up, you will be able to access it here.

We hope you enjoy your stay aboard the Soanth, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! On behalf of the entire Zim’s Gizmos staff, I welcome you aboard once again and may you enjoy a great stay!

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