Zim’s Gizmos Minecraft Mods

Zim’s Gizmos is preparing some mods for the popular game, Minecraft, more information will come soon.

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ZGF Gaming

As things are finally beginning to take flight with our ZGF Gaming service, we felt it best to post an announcement!

First things first: What is ZGF Gaming?

ZGF Gaming is our game server collection. In other words, we create, manage, and provide servers for various games via ZGF Gaming. These games have included Minecraft, Starbound, and 7 Days to Die. Also provided through ZGF Gaming is a TeamSpeak 3 server available for use as desired.

Where to get in on the action

To join us and take advantage of our services from ZGF Gaming, you need to simply visit the website and follow the instructions found for your game. A link is available here or above on our menu bar. As of this post, we currently only offer a Minecraft server and the TeamSpeak 3 server. We have a 7 Days to Die server though it is currently down and being worked on. Information to come later.

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Updates – End of 2013

With 2014 just around the corner, we wanted to post an update on some of the things we have been working on behind the scenes over the last few months. First and foremost, we would like to extend a welcome to Team Fox Forest, a game dev team that has decided to partner with Zim’s Gizmos to get their game out there. The development progress is coming along rather nicely and they are looking to start a Kickstarter soon. We will be sure to post an update when that is coming up.

We have also been working on a few prototypes here ourselves. Our furthest along game is an action platformer involving ninjas. We’re working on this to explore capabilities in their fullest and look forward to sharing it with others soon.

Now, beyond this, while Zim’s Gizmos has a decent group of programmers, composers, and voice actors willing to work with us, the one thing that has eluded us so far are graphics artists. If you have skill with graphics, we welcome you to contact us. We are looking for texture artists and 3D artists as well as a few animators. If you are a budding artist, we are glad to take you and help you find a team to work with on game development.

Another project that Zim’s Gizmos has been working on is ZGF Gaming. This is, quite simply, servers that are hosted by us for various games. We want to promote multiplayer and making new friends, both through game development and through gaming itself, thus we host these servers to help encourage such interactions.

Finally, please excuse the mess of code and websites currently. We are working on many projects offline as well as on the websites, this is slow going, but we are steadily making progress across the board for getting all of our sites more synchronized in design and to move to a new design here on our homepage.

Thank you to everyone for your support, both those more recent and those that have been here from our founding in 2007, it has been a long seven years. However, we look forward as we move on to what is likely to be Zim’s Gizmos’s busiest year yet: 2014!

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Improvements Incoming

With the Zim’s Gizmos network expanding and our services multiplying. We are in need of updates to the site. Hence we are working to do just that! We will have a new setup at some point in the near future for those looking to visit the website and find out more about what we offer.

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Zim’s Gizmos is now hosting a Minecraft Feed the Beast dedicated server! Feel free to join us, invite your friends, and have fun! You can find out more information by going to the page for this here.

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Little Star

The Little Star RP has become a functioning sim on Second Life and we, as Zim Designs, were happy to help bring their information site, www.littlestarrp.info, to the web along with host their forums, www.littlestarrp.net! For those on Second Life, we recommend Little Star for visiting and having fun as it is a great environment for all to enjoy!

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Second Life Addition!

Zim’s Gizmos is now teaming with Little Paws Kreations and the Little Star RP Sim to bring new websites and products to the Internet! We hope you enjoy these new additions as Zim’s Gizmos brings more services and more enjoyment to the world around us, both the real world and virtual ones!

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Zim’s Gizmos – Web Design and Hosting!

Hello out there Interwebz! I am here to introduce the dawn of a new age of Web Design! That done by a sleep-deprived Zim! Though truly, we are bringing websites to life! We currently have four projects the staff here at Zim’s Gizmos is working on:

Furry Embassy – Codename: Furries Unite! – Custom Software Design with detailed database integration
Codename: Silver Fun – Unknown
Codename: L the PinK – Social Media Software and Website Overhaul
Codename: Für Sparkle Party – Website Overhaul

Updates for clients can be found here on the blog now!

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Gizmos Music!

Its been a while since anything was posted here, so here’s an update! The Gizmos has its first track of music! This dark music will be found deep in a dark dungeon, its eerie feeling just screams for the game. Its free for everyone to download! The artist is a local guy that goes by Nx, he’s looking forward to his track being used in game! Deja Vu (Right Click and select “Save Link As…” to download it!)

Be sure to check out his other work as well: Nx on Soundcloud

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GWC’s Explained

This comes from our Wiki on the Jargon page! We use a lot of terms that are not exactly normal for others and thus they need to be defined! As I have done with the GWC’s, known most commonly as Gizians in White Coats.

Gizian Wampo Corporation. The GWC was originally an independent corporation created by Wampo’Lork for the purpose of research and development for other corporations. The corporation was led by several generations of the Wampo clan before eventually Wampo’Lork’III began to deal with the Gizian military. The GWC began to create vastly superior products for the Gizian military that eventually the entire corporation was absorbed by the military as part of the drunken decision of Wampo’Lork’IV. That change was irreversible as Wampo’Lork’IV died only a few hours later of alcohol poisoning, leaving no other descendants to carry on the Gizian Wampo Corporation. The GWC was made up of groups of scientists that the rest of society found too insane to allow them to do such work, the GWC scooped up these scientists, allowing them to continue their passion in a relatively safe and supervised facility. The GWCs as these scientists became known as were not inhibited by the morales that other scientists held to allowing them to create many fascinating and deadly inventions. When the Gizian Wampo Corporation was absorbed into the military, these GWCs created individual groups aboard many ships and continued their craft, while others created entire colonies just for their research. The GWCs are often referred to in a derogatory manner as the Gizians in White Coats mainly because of the common occurrence of a GWC being dragged away in a straight jacket.

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